Intrigues Released!

5 January, 2024


Finished Project

With Intrigues, you can create AAA-Quality interactive fictions with multiple introductions, developments, and conclusions without requiring any code. Every choice, variable, or chance can be a determining factor in the progression of your story. It's a comprehensive, robust solution that includes a visual node-based editor, UIs, families, clans, cultures, policies, roles, save/load features, and more. Intrigues' core structure is highly compatible with integrating into your project or other assets. No scripting required. Complete C# source included.

Trio™ (Deprecated)

Finished Project

TRIO Talk system will make your 2D-3D Poly characters talk. Mark system will add stories to each of your characters. Give soul to your characters with Talk/State/Mark Trilogy!

walden horde™

Making in Progress

You are right in the middle of political conflicts and hot war in a kingdom that draws its strength from its ruthlessness. Fight against the ruthless wizards and great warriors in the Walden Kingdom. Revolutionise the fantasy/medieval world by honing your combat and diplomacy skills!